We believe that competitive athletics teaches that work, sacrifice, competitive drive, perseverance,

selflessness and respect for authority are the price one must pay to achieve worthwhile goals.


The Dolphins will place first emphasis on providing the ultimate platform for competitive swimming. 

We will support this platform with outstanding professional coaches who are excellent instructors 

at all levels.  We strive to provide the best training facilities for the swimmers and coaches to excel. 

Our Dolphin parents proudly support the team by volunteering to help with the many vital tasks that

enable the coaches to focus on building the Dolphin core values in our swimmers.  


We strive to develop national swimmers, but more importantly, we strive to develop fine young men 

and women who will take their place in life as responsible citizens.  We will not let our high goals 

discourage the less athletically inclined but plan to tailor programs to the needs of all. 


We are a team, the Dolphins.  We stand on the shoulders of all that proceeded us and have touched 

Central Arkansas swimming.  Let us resolve to make this adventure worthy of our best aspirations. 


Ready to Join?

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