at THE LRRC & LRAC Locations

June 4 - July 25 

Summer AAU/USA Swim Team is a wonderful low key, FUN experience that has been created to offer your child an easy introduction to competitive swimming.  It is perfect for ANY level of swimming because it’s just about learning and having fun at practice and at the meets. There’s no worrying about your kids qualifying for a championship or achieving a certain time.  It’s just about showing up to have fun and learn! 


*Swimmers enjoy being part of a team. learning cheers and cheering on their teammates. 

* Swimmers will build their confidence while getting in shape.

* Meets are low key, fun introduction to competitive swimming. 

* It is a great way to meet other kids from different schools and neighborhoods.

* Swimmers will become stronger,  more efficient swimmers.

* Swimmers get to travel and see new towns and new pools.

*  Just swimming on a team for two years as a child will develop a "Feel" for the water that lasts a lifetime. 

* Exercise is known for its tremendous health benefits. 

Why Swim This Summer?

Fees for Summer Dolphins


1.) Monthly Training Fee: (required)


Members: $71/month

Non-Members: $94/ month


Members: $75/month

Non-Members: $98/ month

* Members refer to swimmers that have a membership to any of the

Little Rock Athletic Centers.


Prices may vary if a swimmer is assigned to a different training group.



2.) Season Registration Fee: (required)


This covers the seasonal USA Swimming registration. 



3.) AAU Registration

(optional - only choose if you choose to compete with AAU)


Read about AAU  here

Register AAU here

Pick Arkansas Dolphins in the drop-down of teams or

use team WY3WA9 in the team selection.

swimmers are responsible for registering with AAU directly on the AAU site. 


4.) Swim Meet Fees:

 (optional - only if you enter a meet)

Each meet will have entry fees required.

They will be billed to the swimmer's account.  




Practice Schedule:

Little Rock Racquet Club:

3:00-3:40 pm     Mon - Thurs



Little Rock Athletic Club:

5:00-5:30          Mon - Thurs   


Practice times may change if swimmers are assigned to a different training group.



Meet  Schedule:

AAU & USA meets will be scheduled periodically throughout the summer.  Participants will watch for emails with meet information. 



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