Developmental DOLPHINS


Why Be A Swimmer?


Competitive Swimming provides a low impact total body exercise that develops the cardiovascular system as well as builds strength.  Exercise is known to be important for stress control and brain development.

By providing exercise to young children you will make an impact on their lives.

While it is a fantastic exercise that will give the swimmer a sport they may do their whole life and results in many

health benefits, competitive swimming also provides a perfect venue to develop lifelong friends and teach life skills.

Persistence, dedication, sportsmanship, teamwork, goal setting, delayed gratification, responsibility,

self-confidence, self-motivation are just a few of the skills athletes learn. Our sport also provides an environment where the whole family can participate regardless of skill. 

So don’t wait, join us today and enjoy the many benefits competitive swimming provide.  

What is the

Developmental Dolphin Division?



Our Developmental Dolphin division is part of the Arkansas Dolphins. It will introduce athletes to the sport of swimming with a positive learning environment, a low key competitive experience,  as well as offer a great environment to make new friends. Our professional coaching staff leads practices, motivates and educates swimmers and encourages swimmers at meets.   

We offer two seasons: 

Fall/ Winter Season: August - March

Spring/ Summer Season:   April - July



Swimmers in the Developmental Dolphins Division

will participate in local developmental USA

Swimming meets during the school year.

Swimmers may check with their coach for advice to the best meets for them to attend. 

During the Summer months, they will participate in their site locations summer competition. 


Check with your coach about options.  




What are the requirements?

 Swimmers may begin as early as age six but may join at any age. 


To begin on the Dolphins; swimmers must be water safe, must have had swim lessons in all four competitive strokes, and participated in summer league or stroke camp.


Parents must register swimmers through our 

Online Registration System within the first week of participation. 


Your monetary commitment to the team will be a 

registration fee, monthly training fees, & meet fees.


Upon becoming a member of the team,  a fundraising fee and

a volunteer hour commitment is required.  


Swimmers & Parents are required to sign the Arkansas Dolphins Code of Conduct upon joining.  Parents are required to sign Release of Liability Waiver, Annual Fundraising and Sponsorship Requirements, EFT Form for monthly fees, joining fees, and swim meet fees, Volunteer Policy, &

Action Plan to address bullying, upon joining. 

When IS Practice?

 Swimmers will train with the developmental group the coach of your choice site places the swimmer in. 




How much does it cost?

Yearly Registration Fee:


Fall /Winter Season Full Membership:

(joining anytime August - March) $157

( Billed $91/first mo $33 second month, $33 third month)

This covers a yearly USA  Swimming Registration

Fall/ Winter Trial Membership

(joining anytime August - March) $55

This membership is only for athletes that have never been registered with USA Swimming. Swimmers may only compete in two USA Swimming sanctioned meets per year. Upon participation in two meets, the swimmer may move to full membership. The balance will be charged to your account. 

Spring Season:

(April - May) $75

Summer Season:

(June & July) $45

This covers the seasonal USA Swimming registration. 


If swimmers choose to compete in their own neighborhood summer league, they will need to pay the summer league

team of their choice directly. They are welcome to continue training with us for the summer. 


Monthly Training Fees:

The monthly training fees vary depending upon the level

the coach has placed the swimmer in. 


Swim Meet Fees:

Each swim meet will have entry fees required.

They will be billed to the swimmer's account.  



When will Swimmers move into the Age Group Division?



Schedule a tryout with the coach at your preferred training location. Upon tryout use link below to register. Registration of the athlete must take place within one week of joining the team. 

Schedule a tryout

with the coach at the

location of your choice. 


Tay Stratton



Keith McAfee 



Evan Johnston



Steve Frye 





Most swimmers will participate in the developmental division for approximately two to four years.

During these beginning competitive years, swimmers will compete in local USA Swimming meets,

AAU meets, and summer league meets.