The Dolphin Booster Association is a non-profit 501c3 organization composed of all families on the team.  The Association has been created to help supplement the needs of the Arkansas Dolphins Swim Team and developed so that any swimmer, regardless of his or her ability, has an opportunity to

perform at the best of his or her ability.

The organization is managed by a board of directors, who serve 3-year terms."  





"Fundraising is an essential part of the Dolphin Booster Association, and provides the majority of funding for the organization's general budget.  The Dolphin Booster Association coordinates a fundraising program and executes the fundraising policy."


"Volunteerism is crucial in keeping any athletic organization running smoothly. Parents and account holders of Arkansas Dolphin athletes perform essential jobs in swim meet operations.  Our meet directors must organize meet sessions that have enough volunteers for the meet to run. This can be up to 60 parent volunteer positions for a one-day meet and up to 175 volunteer positions for a three-day meet. Organizing enough volunteers for the meet can be demanding, but is crucial to the success of the meet and for your athlete to compete. While there are many different jobs our Arkansas Dolphin Account Holders perform, they are all equally important. Our volunteer policy lays out the requirements for account holders."

Officials are volunteers that are certified through Arkansas Swimming Inc. to become an United States Swimming Official. 

Though they are not part of the Booster Association they are an integral part of volunteerism in our sport.  Many of the parents on our team will serve in this capacity. 


5 Reasons to Become An Official



Board of Directors

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