Why Swim with Masters?

Our year-round coached master practices are a

low key and supportive environment in which

you may train either for

fitness, triathlons or competition. 



Swimmers and coaches are encouraging and supportive

of the process for fitness and/or to compete. 


We offer three levels of practices.

You will join the level dependent on your ability.


Our First level will usually swim 1500 yards,

the second level ( mostly triathletes) swims about 2400 yards,

and our fastest level swims about

2800- 3200 yards in the hour practice. 


Swimmers use the circle swim pattern during warmup and

when there are more than 2 swimmers in the lane. 


Practices are interval based with a mix of

endurance, HITT and sprint training.  

Most practices are freestyle but sometimes muscle

groups may be challenged with different strokes.


To join the Masters, you should be able to swim approximately 

1000 yards in an hour freestyle. 

Upon joining, we can adjust your workout time to help build your endurance. 

Swimmers may join as an Athletic Centers member or join as a non-member. Monthly fee is dependent upon membership status.  

As a non-member, swimmers will only have access to scheduled master practices

and locker rooms, no other usage of the club is allowed.

Swimmers will need training fins, goggles, swim cap if hair is long and paddles. Centermount snorkel and nose clip is recommended. 

Swimmers must register with the team within one week of joining. 

If desired you may schedule some private swim lessons to help develop your technique, while still training with Masters. 

Swimming is one of the healthiest physical conditioning a person can do.

Swimming not only helps build strong muscles but it conditions the heart and lungs providing a whole body

non-impact workout that is easy on the joints.  Because water affords 12 times the resistance

as air in every direction, swimming helps to build strength rapidly in a low stress manner.  

It also recruits all the major muscle groups, including the shoulders, back, abdominals, legs,

hips, and glutes providing a well rounded workout.   

It provides cardiovascular conditioning and muscle strengthening at the same time,

giving you one of the best all around workouts available. 

Why Swim? 

About Our Facility

We have two pools that we use for our Masters swim team.

From May - September we train in the unheated 50 meter pool providing the water temp is comfortable.  

September, October, and April we train in the 25 yard pool uncovered but heated. In the winter months, the 25 yard pool is covered and heated. It is kept at 82 degrees with the air being similar temperature.

We train at the Little Rock Racquet Club, #1 Huntington Rd., Little Rock, AR. 72227

Schedule & Fees
Contact Coach Evan at
501 225 5711